Should Your Small Business Be On Twitter?

Twitter logo

At a glance:

-great way to monitor for mentions of your brand

-140-character limit makes it an idea way to blast out info on sales, events, etc.

-keep up with your industry news, influencers

-fast-paced, may require more attention than other platforms

Launched in 2006, Twitter is less about keeping up with family and friends and more about communicating with people you wish to reach. With 313 million active monthly users (as of 6/30/16), this is a big platform for breaking news. The use of hashtags (#likethis) let you keep up with and participate in both breaking news and the latest trends.

At 140-characters a tweet, you wouldn’t think this platform would be huge for businesses, but quite the contrary. The limited length of the messages makes it a great way to deliver concise information to targeted audiences. Such information could include upcoming sales, events you have planned, as well as general business updates or new product launches. It’s also second-to-none in terms of monitoring the mentions of your brand, as well as quickly interacting with the people who are talking about it.

Twitter is also a powerful way to interact with influencers in your industry, as well as get the latest news concerning that industry. Because of its fast pace, you may need to be more active on this platform than other forms of social media.

Note: This is part of our Finding The Right Social Media Platform For Your Small Business feature. Click through for the intro, as well as links to the other platforms covered.

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