Should Your Small Business Be On Google+?

At a glance:

-it’s Google – good for search engine placement

-up to 110 million active users a month (unofficially)

-think a more professional Facebook

-did we mention it’s Google?

The New York Times created a bit of a meme in 2014 when they called Google+ a “ghost town”. Even now, more often than not, if you run across an article referencing Google+, “ghost town” won’t be too far behind. But is it? You won’t get any hard numbers from Google one way or the other, but some online sources peg its usage at around 110 million active users a month, while others say that up to 90% of people with profiles have never posted.

So, as a small business owner, why should you make the time for Google+? One word: Google. Having a presence on Google+, with links back to your website, can help with your search engine placement. Engaging in their Hangouts, gaining +1s, and good use of hashtags while actively engaging can result in page popularity which can really help your search engine bottom line.

In terms of “mood”, consider Google+ a more professional version of Facebook. You’ve got a lot of the toys of Facebook – the ability to blog, share images and videos – but it’s also a good fit for B2B firms.

Note: This is part of our Finding The Right Social Media Platform For Your Small Business feature. Click through for the intro, as well as links to the other platforms covered.

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