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Lunching with Lions: How to Survive and Thrive at Networking

April 17 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

About this webinar

Like everything in your business, networking requires awareness of your goals and objectives so that you can be purposeful and intentional about aligning your activities for success. I’ve gone from being terrified to network to creating scripts and systems that take the sting out of the fear and help me grow my professional connections and my brand. In this talk, I share my own journey; the evolutionary reasons why networking is so hard for so many people; and how you can use the winning trifecta of awareness, purpose, and intent to build a success networking practice for yourself. Your members will learn how to identify the right connections, how to evaluate the right groups, and how to leverage the investment of their time and money to get the best results.

Your members will learn:
The 5 C’s of networking and how you can use them to grow your influence
Real tips and techniques you can put to work right away to build stronger connections
How you can win at networking with awareness, purpose, and intent