Month: October 2018

One of the first marketing steps you should take, particularly if your business has a physical location, is to submit it to business directories. These directories not only help people find your business, but they provide a valuable collection of backlinks to your site that will help with search engine placement.

When submitting to these directories, make sure you fill out as much of the business profile as you can. You never know what people will be specifically searching for, so being thorough will ensure that your traffic is as robust as possible. You are also going to want to keep your information consistent directory to directory; a text file with all your business information that you can just copy/paste from is helpful here. And keep an eye on your business listing, particularly if the directory allows customers to post reviews. Engaging with past or potential customers here, and in all instances, should be a top priority.

The following list of almost five dozen directories is broken down into what I feel are the top 10 you should submit to RIGHT NOW, and the rest, arranged alphabetically, that you can submit to when you get the chance. The overwhelming majority of them are pretty general in nature (i.e. welcoming businesses from numerous categories), and free to submit your business to. I did include one notable subscription service, and only because I think it is worth the price, but that decision is up to you.

That said, I generally don’t recommend paying for these, although they will try very hard to get you to shell out money for a Premium account with added perks, features, and benefits (some of which are, admittedly, pretty nice). You’ll probably also save yourself a considerable headache by setting up a specific email address to give them, so you can automatically redirect directory email to a special folder. Because they will email you. Death, taxes, and directories trying to get you to upgrade, man.

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