10 Tips For Ranking on Amazon

This article originally appeared as a chapter in my ebook, How To Craft The Perfect Amazon Product Listing (& Other Tips to Increase Your Sales), available on Amazon.com. If you’re struggling with sales on Amazon, this guide can help.

Rank well on Amazon and your sales will increase, but how do you accomplish this? Use the following tips to help improve your search standings on Amazon. While there are any number of things you can do to rank better on Amazon, these are the ones that constantly popped up while researching this book.

1. Having a lot of positive reviews is a great way to rank well on Amazon, but there isn’t a whole lot you can do here (we will look at something you CAN do in the next tip). One way to encourage more positive reviews is to be very attentive and engage with your customers. Keep an eye on your listings to catch any problems that develop early on, and always answer questions.

2. Solicit reviews, preferably a week or so after the person has received your item and had a chance to use it/wear it/etc. One great way to do this is to send a follow-up email thanking them for their order, asking if they have any questions or concerns, and requesting a brief review, if they have a moment. Check the reviews section of this book for more information on how to manage this pivotal part of your Amazon listing.

3. Keep your prices lower than your competitors. Amazon hearts low prices, and your rank will reflect this over time.

4. Use large images (1000 pixels on a side)for your primary image, at the very least, so that it can be zoomed. Using larger images for all your image slots is also a good idea.

5. Double check that your product is in the most relevant category possible.

6. Instead of using a different listing for each color, size, etc., use a parent/child listing format (one listing with various options for a product). Amazon prefers this structure, and one big benefit is that any reviews generated by the product will all be on one page, instead of split among different pages.

7. Create a full listing, and make it interesting. The longer a customer stays on your page, the more Amazon assumes that your product interests them, which will improve your rank. If you provide a customer with more to read, and make it enjoyable reading, they will tend to stick around.

8. Increase the number of different items you sell. This will improve your ranking, resulting in more sales, which will improve your ranking, resulting… etc.

9. Keep products in stock. If the item you sell is in stock, the customer is happy. A happy customer = a happy Amazon.

10. Ship the item fast. Fast processing and shipping also make for a happy customer, and I’m fairly confident in stating that Amazon REALLY loves when sellers can get items out quickly.

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